UMÉ STUDIO, California

UME Studio CaliforniaUMÉ Studio is a design practice where traditional craft meets contemporary tastes in delicate yet purposeful objects for everyday living.

Founded by Victor Lefebvre and Mei-Lan Tan, their studio is the final stop in their design process journey. They begin with months-long travels to artisan workshops in many corners of the globe to render century-old skills and techniques, collaborating with a network of artisans and designers dedicated to their craft.

Keeping these traditions alive is essential to UMÉ—so is updating their forms and bringing these timeless techniques into the now to achieve authentic, distinctive designs.

Victor_UME Studio_California

Victor Lefebvre

Tan_UME Studio_California

Mei-Lan Tan


2828 Filbert Street, Unit 990, Oakland, CA USA

Principal Architects/Founders: Mei-Lan Tan and Victor Lefebvre


  • Design, Craft, Workshop, Installation, Product Design, Furniture Design, Interior & Architecture

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