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Unboxed Coworking Noida

Unboxed Co-working, Noida

By: CHAUKOR Studio, Noida.Unboxed Co-working situated in Noida, India is one of its kinds. Designed by Noida based Chaukor Studio, its uniqueness is imbibed in its regenerative transformation from an old industrial unit to a dynamic co-working space.

IO[1] | Image © Chaukor Studio

Inverted Office, Noida

By: Chaukor Studio, Noida The project derives its name from the fact that it features an earthy material pallet while the space has to house a mid-size web development and design firm.


Chaukor Studio, Noida

Chaukor is an architectural practice founded by architects Tejeshwi Bansal and Nilesh Bansal that features an integrated workshop where architects, artisans and skilled craftsmen communicate…

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