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Back to Heaven, Vadodara

By: UNEVEN, Vadodara
Placed in a very serene context this project weaves beautifully into the rustic, rural surrounding and adds to being a perfect get away for the inhabitants. These environment friendly and climate responsive cottages are designed in the most original form of architecture, incorporating use of local and natural materials.

33 LE, Vadodara

By: UNEVEN, Vadodara
This piece of minimalism stands bold and yet to be cordial, to love the living experience and to be able to make every moment spent memorable, be it in any corner of the house. Termed as ‘fusion’ no specific style or theme followed but design that has been woven in to all seem synchronized and classy at the same time keeping every aspect practical.

Sheeshmahal, Vadodara

By: UNEVEN, Vadodara
Intricate wood-cuts, carvings, rich wall coverings, crystal chandeliers and mirrored ceiling pockets conjure up an ambiance recreated to reflect a feeling of royal elegance. This restaurant  Special care has been inculcated into designing every bit and corner keeping the main points of criteria in mind i.e. Practicality and a soothing experience for customers to relish.

Uneven, Vadodara

Uneven is an architectural design firm with a multi-disciplinary approach based out of Vadodara, Gujarat. Founded by two passionate and young architects…