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Gray Office, New Delhi

By: Orangewood Labs | Office design can either enhance or dampen the company culture. The roots of the firm are reflected through its brand, functions, and values. Our client – ‘SENRA’, a U.S based IoT (Internet of things) company, had a similar approach while expanding and setting up their new office in India.

The Beer Café, New Delhi

By: Brickwood419 Design Studio, New Delhi | Brickwood design has always prided itself on conceptualizing and realizing the design potential of a site, no matter how conventional or unconventional it is. One such site was The Beer Cafe, located at the Unity One Mall next to Rohini metro station. The site was a modest one, measuring approximately 1000 Sq.ft in the area and was longitudinally spaced, with its rear being open to the facade of the mall.

JD Office, New Delhi

By: Group DCA, New Delhi | Good interior design should be accessible to all in order to create vibrant and happy spaces. Workplace Design as a concept is constantly and consistently evolving with the onset of the Start-up and dot com era.