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KMYF, Bangalore

By: Cadence Architects, Bangalore | The site for the project measured 60’x40’. The requirement was to build a 30-bed dialysis center. The unique feature of the site was that it was adjacent to an ancient South Indian Temple which was revered by the neighborhood for both its architectural presence and religious value.

ENTORNO, Bengaluru

Entorno Bengaluru is a multi-disciplinary, design studio founded by Alok S Sundar, Santhosh Madbhavi,& Chethan Kumar KB in 2013, offering services in architecture, interior design and furniture design. We give importance light and ventilation, space planning and arrangements of programs.

Collage Architecture Studio, Bangalore

By: Collage Architecture Studio, Bangalore
COLLAGE…An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and colours.
Our intention was to make our office the reflection of Collage philosophy. We believes that Architecture has a unique power to influence the world.

S-Villa, Bangalore

By: Technoarchitecture Inc., Bangalore
The site is 2400 sft plot with access road in the west located in Bangalore, India. The brief described a 5 bedroom house to accommodate a single family and a social lifestyle.

The Cube project, Bangalore

By: Collage Architecture Studio, Bangalore
The Cube project reflects its residents in many ways. An absolutely urban home, designed to cater to a simple yet modern client. Where minimalist features mingle with the warmth and connected emotions of a traditional Indian family.

Designer’s Den, Bangalore

By: Savio Michael & Rupa Savio, Bangalore
Designer’s Den is a flagship project of Savio and Rupa Interior Concepts. They have followed Scandinavian Fusion theme for this villa located off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

Wilson Garden House, Bangalore

By: Architecture Paradigm, Bangalore
Located in dense urban neighbourhood of Wilson garden, Bangalore the site came as a surprise to us as it was flanked in the west by more than half an acre of wooded garden of the neighbours.

White Canvas, Bangalore

By: Kamat & Rozario Architecture, Bangalore
The Design took inspiration from the firm’s name – WHITE CANVAS; which is an independent advertising agency based out of Bangalore, Karnataka, and it was given that the most appropriate work space interiors design for them would be a natural extension of their titular thematic.

Stack House, Bangalore

By: Kamat & Rozario Architecture, Bangalore
The challenge was to find a way to ‘seize our slice of sky ‘and yet make full use of available build-able plot area. Translating this idea, almost half the site is left empty. The most climatically pleasant north-east corner forms a small urban garden.