World Architecture Festival 2012

World Architecture Festival 2012 is scheduled from 3-5 october 2012 in Singapore. WAF is the world’s largest festival and live awards competition dedicated to celebrating, and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe. View the highlights of WAF 2011 held at Barcelona.


From Architecture to Art

By: Pragati Sharma, Connecticut/USA Identifying your true passion and to do what you love is not everyone is inherited with. It takes strong belief in self and courage to pursue your dreams and turning them into reality. Our today’s story covers an Architect and designer…

Weekend House

Weekend House, Jammu

By: Company-2 (CO2), New Delhi The Weekend house is designed and conceptualized for a prestigious client at Jammu. Covering the huge span of around 160000 sq. ft, the site of this vacation house is topographically brilliant…

50 Beautiful Houses In India

50 Beautiful Houses In India (Vol – 1) by Rajiv Saini

This book focuses on 50 luxurious standalone bungalows designed by architects in India. It covers houses from across the country. It is a quality book under White Flag publications on architecture planning, beautiful interiors and designs.


Contemporary Indian Architecture by Jagan Shah

The first book of its kind in India, The Anthology of Contemporary Indian Architecture showcases emerging and established talent in the field of Indian architecture during the last two decades.While the original masters of classic modern architecture in modern India do feature in this book, The Anthology of Contemporary Indian Architecture devotes itself to the […]

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