AR[22] | Photo by Tejas Shah

Amin’s Residence, Vadodara

By: Dipen Gada & Associates, Vadodara Situated at the outskirts, this 65,000 s.ft. land is surrounded with a lot of greenery. The brief of Amin’s Residence was to create an open plan which could communicate well with all areas…

CM[3] | Image © WoodBarn India

Eco-Friendly Homes by WoodBarn India

By: WoodBarn India, New Delhi The Eco-Friendly Homes, wooden houses & structures by WoodBarn India company not only meet the design requirements, at the same time it pays attention to the quality, durability and energy efficiency.

TC[1] | Photo by Tejas Shah

The CUBE, Vadodara

By: Dipen Gada & Associates, Vadodara Situated in Baroda, the inspiration for this house is the simple cube. The modern aesthetic of the house employs a combination of exposed RCC and white plastered exterior walls in such a way that they look like cubes fitting into one another creating masses and voids resulting in a […]

SJ[9] | Image © Architecture Paradigm

Stacked House, Bangalore

By: Architecture Paradigm, Bangalore The project is about exploring this notion of joint family culture in the changing urban scenario. The site is located in Banashankari, Bangalore and is 400 sqm in area with a steep drop of 2.5 meters from northeast to the southwest.

BH[4] | Image © Donner Sorcinelli Architecture

Butterfly House, Gapyeong, South Korea

By: Donner Sorcinelli Architecture, Italy The butterfly house is located near green hills, in the country of Gapyeong (50 km north east from Seoul), which cultural and environmental context has deeply influenced the concept of the building.

WH[23] | Photograph by Tejas Shah

The Wall House, Bharuch

By: Dipen Gada & Associates, Vadodara The wall house, situated in Baruch, a city in the state of Gujarat, is conceptualized as an interior-architectural project. The structure is bisected by a wall that physically demarcates space as well as influencing the character of the interior spaces.

RM[9] | Image © Architecture Paradigm

Ramesh Makam Residence, Bangalore

By: Architecture Paradigm, Bangalore The site is located in the suburbs of Bangalore within a gated low rise development. It is a flat piece of land measuring around 10000 sq.ft surrounded by roads on three sides. The brief was to design a second home for a family of doctors spread across three generations…


LEGO Architecture Series

By: LEGO Architect Series LEGO Architecture Series is a part of LEGO’s ambition to explore and celebrate the fascinating worlds of Architecture, Engineering and Construction…

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