Eco-Friendly Homes by WoodBarn India

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Name of the Project: The Tamara, Coorg
Group: WoodBarn India
Client: Mr. N. Mahesh (Director/Architect), Ms. Shruti Shibulal (Daughter of Infosys co-founder and CEO S.D. Shibulal)
Project Location: Coorg, Karnataka
Project Year (Duration): 
Project Type:
Wooden Cottages Resort

The Tamara Coorg aspires to represent the universe in its ability to evolve and organize itself. Towards becoming a better organization, The Tamara Coorg intends to progressively make its ecological imprint minimal. Ultimately, through its unique policies, the company aims to serve the richly bio-diverse Western Ghats in the best way possible.

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Name of the Project: Club Mahindra Resort, Kerela
Group: WoodBarn India
Client: Club Mahindra
Project Location: Ashtamudi, Kerala
Project Year (Duration): 
Project Type: 
Back Water floating Cottage Resort

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The Gateway to Backwaters of Kerela, the Ashtmudi lake is tucked Away in the kollam district of Kerela, about 90 Kms away from the state capital of Thiruvanthapuram. The resort Offers 46 wooden rooms including 22 unique floating cottages which are one of its kind in country so far.

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Name of the Project: SKI Resort Aulli
Group: WoodBarn India
Client: Uttranchal Govt.
Project Location: Aulli, Uttranchal
Project Year (Duration): 
Project Type: 
Wooden Cottages Resort

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Situated at 10000 ft above sea level, One of the top 10 Ski Destinations in the world. Aulli is a paradise in Himalayas.

WoodBarn India has fabricated for Govt. of Uttaranchal, The SKI Resort at this most spectacular paradise.

The Ski Resort Aulli offer one room and two room wooden cottages in the most spectacular settings in India so far.

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Name of the Project: WoodBarn Office
Group: WoodBarn India
Client: WoodBarn India
Project Location: Chattarpur, New Delhi
Project Year (Duration): 
Project Type: 
Sample Wooden Cottages, Eco-Friendly Homes

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WoodBarn office was installed as a sample house cottage to showcase the touch and feel of wooden houses and the concept, which really helped to improve the mentality of Indian citizens and it also helped us to remove the misconception of people towards Eco – Friendly Wooden houses and cottages.

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WoodBarn is the pioneer company in India in the segment of wooden houses and wooden structures. Through the consistent research and development, WoodBarn has been able to devise more than 10 models, which are highly suitable for Indian context.


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  2. Geetha May 9, 2014 at 11:37 am #

    The Tamara, Coorg is the best one I have come across. I have personally seen this.

    We are the supporters of Eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. We feature some of the best Eco-friendly ideas in India. Please check out our site and comment. The Tamara

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