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[1]-AB | Image © DCA-Architects

Amour Bistro, New Delhi

By: DCA Architects, New Delhi Set in the heart of New Delhi, Amour bistro is crafted with an intent of creating a native, effortless ambience that is unaffected by the surrounding urban chaos.


Foliage Architects, Kochi

Foliage Architects has been involved with conceptual design development, spatial planning, interior managements, furniture design at various levels. Initially the firm started with renovation and restoration…

Reception | Image © DCA Architects

Studio for Group DCA, New Delhi

By: DCA Architects, New Delhi Designed as a studio space for an architecture and interior design firm within an existing warehouse structure, the main challenge was to retain as much of the original structure as possible, while retrofitting…


DCA Architects, New Delhi

DCA Architects is a design consultation firm, incorporated in 1996. It is headed by two partners, Rahul Bansal and Amit Aurora and is headquartered out of New Delhi, India. With a unique ethos of Dream. Design…



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