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CH[13] | Image © Khosla Associates

Cliff House, Kerala

By: Khosla Associates, Bangalore Perched 200 ft. above an expansive stretch of green along the Arabian Sea coast, at the edge of a cliff, its most prominent feature is an asymmetrical sloping roof set against the fronds of a coconut plantation.

OH[17] | Image © Khosla Associates

The Orange House, Bangalore

By: Khosla Associates, Bangalore The house designed for the Architects brother, his wife and daughter, derives its form from a generous L shaped configuration that spills out to a large garden and swimming pool.

IO[1] | Image © Chaukor Studio

Inverted Office, Noida

By: Chaukor Studio, Noida The project derives its name from the fact that it features an earthy material pallet while the space has to house a mid-size web development and design firm.

DS[5] | Image © Khosla Associates

Arts & Media Centre -The Doon School, Dehra Dun

By: Khosla Associates, Bangalore Integral to the concept of the new Arts and Media Centre is the journey of an artist , interpreted as a central spine that runs east- west along the entire length of the site; dissolving into the ample lung space of a landscaped garden…


Chaukor Studio, Noida

Chaukor is an architectural practice founded by architects Tejeshwi Bansal and Nilesh Bansal that features an integrated workshop where architects, artisans and skilled craftsmen communicate…

AH[6] | Image © AKDA

The Amber, New Delhi

By: Amit Khanna Design Associates (AKDA), New Delhi All travelers expect to experience local culture when visiting foreign countries or even a different part of their own country. However, contemporary hotel design seems to celebrate familiarity over authentic local design.

CH[11] | Image © AKDA

Cuboid House, New Delhi

By: Amit Khanna Design Associates (AKDA), New Delhi The project attempts to demonstrate the possibility of affirming some ‘principles’; some elementary yet precise rules. A series of spatial sequences are structured around minimal architectural events distributed throughout the house.

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