By: Morphogenesis, New Delhi The house as a platform has been used to investigate two issues central to design today: the family as a social unit and the environment. The lifestyle of the Indian family has changed in the age of global travel and internet media with new spatial needs and notions of comfort.
By: Karina Wiciak, Poland The collection "XII" consist of 12 thematic interior designs, together with furniture and fittings, which in each part is interconnected, not only in terms of style, but also by name. Each subsequent design was created within one month, and the entire collection took one year to create.
By: ENTORNO, Bengaluru The idea was to create volumetric spaces to accommodate two generation's requirements & create a sculptural space with bright, airy and segregated public and private spaces.
By: M:OFA Studios, New Delhi Amidst a potpourri of high end cafes and designer label boutiques in the genteel bylanes of Khan Market, comes this ‘statement in restraint’.

Rainbow Tower, Milan

By: Original Designers 6R5 Network, Milan The Rainbow Tower, recognizable sign in the urban and emotional landscape of Milan, symbol of the fashion and design capital, has returned to shine.

House B123, New Delhi

By: M:OFA Studios, New Delhi Amidst a bustling locality in New Delhi, on the corner of a residential street a landmark constituting of tangled electrical cables, pole and a ficus tree is unconsciously replaced by an architectural reflection of a family.
By: M:OFA Studios, New Delhi Located in urbane locality inside the premises of a high end mall as stand-alone set ups across NCR and creating a unique yet continuous identity of an established brand.

SM House, Brazil

By: Mauro Lacio, Brazil The SM house is a unifamiliar residence located in São Paulo, Brazil. The challenges to its implementation were connected to a 3 meters ground depression between the extremes of the lot. This enabled the communication among the house and the horizon.
By: Studio An-V-Thot, New Delhi The Slate House is was envisioned as a creation of space amalgamated with strong yet subtle aura, which was perceived as the challenge of the project to blend the two in the perfect sense.
By: Collage Architecture Studio, Bangalore COLLAGE...An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and colours. Our intention was to make our office the reflection of Collage philosophy. We believes that Architecture has a unique power to influence the world.


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